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We understand you do not want to wait to start preparing for your career. This is the only program in Wisconsin that prepares you for Operating Engineer apprenticeship while still in high school.

  • Graduate with more than a diploma
  • Be ready to start as an Operating Engineer Apprentice immediately after high school
  • Complete apprenticeship requirements while still in high school
  • Save money on post high school tuition (approx. $150/credit)
Wisconsin Operating Engineers are proud to be partners in Destinations Career Academy of Wisconsin. This is the first online public charter school to offer Career and Technical Education courses in Wisconsin.
  • Tuition free for Wisconsin families
  • Remain in your home high school
  • Taught by WI certified teachers
  • Earn Advanced Standing credit through Wisconsin Technical College System

There are 5 courses that are part of the Operating Engineer Construction Pathway:  Full course catalog here.

  • Construction Explorations SEM 1 or SEM 2
  • Basic Maintenance of Mobile Equipment* SEM 1
  • Basic Construction Equipment Fundamentals* SEM 1
  • Basic Grade and Construction Math* SEM 2
  • CDL Competency Course 2nd and 3rd Quarter only .25 credit (recommended senior year)

These courses can count towards some of the requirements students will need to take after high school to become an Operating Engineer apprentice.  School districts are eligible for CTE Incentive Grants from DPI with successful completion of the three courses marked with an * above.

Schools purchase the curriculum directly from Destinations Career Academy and students can complete either during a study hall or outside of school time.  You can enroll students online directly through Destinations Career Academy.

For additional information, please contact Mindy Mulryan at 608-444-4137 or

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