2024 Spring Externship Day

April 16, 17, 18 – 9:00am to 2:00pm

Badger Yellow Ribbon Outreach

Leroy Miller, Business Agent for IUOE Local 139, and Dan Eckstrom, Human Resources Business Partner at Walbec Group, recently attended a National Guard Reintegration event in Milwaukee for 100 returning military members and their families.

Leroy and Dan, themselves both veterans, were able to share their personal stories and promote the great career opportunities available to veterans with Wisconsin Operating Engineers.

Badger Yellow Ribbon Support Specialist Matt Marose shared the following feedback:

Even if folks don’t necessarily write it down, I want you to know I have heard VERY positive feedback regarding your brief and how raw and emotional it is.  Most anyone can relate in one way, shape or form (myself included and I’m an Air Force guy).   Keep up the GREAT WORK!  

Struggles with work, substance abuse, and PTSD are at the heart of a majority of the issues throughout the DoD and I think the first-hand account you and your reps bring forth is invaluable.  As a matter of fact one of our attendees said “Those guys are [. . .] awesome” when you were done briefing… and then one of my support staff members repeated that same phrase later in the day.  

Watching the faces of the people in the room and all of the nods throughout the briefing, I know your message is well received.   I appreciate the wonderful job you do and am thankful for your continued support.” 

Thank you Leroy and Dan for sharing your personal stories and promoting the industry to our returning veterans.


A Great Career Choice for Veterans

The Wisconsin Operating Engineers, in partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, offers the Combat to Construction (“C2C”) program. The C2C program is designed to introduce Veterans, including currently serving Guard and Reserve Soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen, to careers in the construction trades. Upon successful completion of a 2 to 3-week non-paid training program at the Operating Engineers’ training facility, the Veteran may receive full-time, paid employment opportunities within the State of Wisconsin as an Operating Engineer apprentice. As an apprentice, a Veteran has access to a well-respected training program, a progressive, family-sustaining wage scale with benefits, and a career as an Operating Engineer.

Click here to learn more about the Combat to Construction program.  

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