Watch Over 900 Students Explore a Pre-Apprenticeship with the Operating Engineers at an Externship Day!

Pre-Apprenticeship Opportunities for Wisconsin High School Students

Wisconsin Operating Engineers are proud to be partners in Destinations Career Academy of Wisconsin. This is the first online public charter school to offer Career and Technical Education courses in Wisconsin. It is the ONLY program that allows a student to prepare for an apprenticeship with the Wisconsin Operating Engineers before they graduate from high school.

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Earn high school and technical college credits AND fulfill apprenticeship requirements!

  • Tuition free for Wisconsin families
  • Remain in your home high school
  • Take 1-2 online courses a semester that prepare you for apprenticeship as an Operating Engineer
    • Operating Engineers Career Exploration
    • Basic Equipment*
    • Basic Equipment Maintenance*
    • Basic Grade*
    • Math for the Trades**
    • Commercial Driver’s License Preparation

* courses dual enrolled through Fox Valley Technical College & required of apprentices
** CTE elective or math credit

As a pre-apprenticeship program certified by the State of Wisconsin, the curriculum is directly aligned with the Operating Engineers registered apprenticeship program. Wisconsin schools districts can receive Act 59 reimbursement for all students that complete the program of study.

To learn more about pre-apprenticeship courses and enrollment options through Destinations Career Academy, contact Laura Cataldo at 608-616-2835.

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The future is bright for Wisconsin’s construction industry. Construction careers will never go away – they cannot be shipped overseas or relocated to another state. In fact, we are preparing for 22% growth in the next 5 years! With average salaries above $56,000 and one of the best training programs in the country, a career as an Operating Engineer is a smart choice!

Wisconsin Operating Engineer Projects
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Embrace Technology

Embrace Technology….Today’s construction industry is rapidly changing. GPS technology is just one example of the high-tech systems utilized by Operating Engineers to guide and operate big pieces of equipment.

Earn While you Learn

Earn While you Learn….Apprenticeship allows you to earn a paycheck while you are learning a career. No student loans to pay back, college credits with the Wisconsin Technical College System, and a state-of-the art training experience are yours through an apprenticeship with the Operating Engineers.

Create a Legacy

Create a Legacy……Operating Engineers play an important role in building the infrastructure, roads, bridges and buildings that make Wisconsin a great place to live. Be a part of the team that is Building Wisconsin!

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