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High school seniors now eligible for apprenticeships

In April, the Legislature passed Assembly Bill 375, allowing high school seniors to apply for and be registered in apprenticeship programs. This is a great way for students to have an accelerated entry into an apprenticeship and meet industry workforce needs.

The Local 139 training center allows students with senior status to attend apprenticeship information sessions, in advance of graduation, as long as they meet the following conditions:

• Must be at least age 18

• Must provide high school transcripts that validate the student is on track to graduate with their class

• All other requirements are met (driver’s license, meet physical requirements and have acceptable Accuplacer or ACT scores)

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WI State Government OKs Operators’ Pre-apprenticeships

The Wisconsin Apprenticeship Advisory Council, an arm of the state’s Department of Workforce Development, recently approved pre-apprenticeships for youth taking online classes through Destinations Career Academy of Wisconsin as well as adults who are preparing for apprenticeships. This certification is important for the Wisconsin Operating Engineers because it formally recognizes DCA’s online program as a bridge to registered apprenticeship.

Pre-apprenticeship certification adds our program to a list of certifications that DWD uses to award Act 59 grants to high schools. Grants from this program incentivize school districts to off er high-quality career and technical education programs that ease workforce shortages in key industries and occupations. The grants reimburse up to $1,000 for each pupil in a school district who earns an approved, industry-recognized certification.

A pre-apprenticeship program for adults is piloting with five contractors through a Fast Forward grant. In the future, the certification allows Wisconsin Operating Engineers to serve as an Eligible Training Provider and accept Individual Training Account funds.

With Foxconn Technologies Group starting to award contracts, efforts to recruit and train new Operators will be critical for contractors working on the company’s mega-project in Racine County.

For more information on the externships, AB375, or pre-apprenticeship certification, contact Laura Cataldo at 608-616-2835, or

Pre-Apprenticeship Primer

Many of the workforce initiatives that are underway through CBG’s efforts are defined as pre-apprenticeship. Whether we are targeting youth through Destinations Career Academy or adults through Apprenticeship Readiness, the end goal is to prepare individuals to enter and succeed in Registered Apprenticeship.

Pre-Apprenticeship is a hot topic right now because of the June Presidential Order to expand apprenticeship in order to:
Prepare workers to fill existing and newly created jobs
Ensure students are graduating with the skills necessary to secure jobs
Provide paid, relevant workplace experience and opportunities to develop skills that employers value
Provide an affordable path to good jobs and careers
The Apprenticeship Expansion Order is focused on populations the Operating Engineers are currently targeting: high school students and veterans.

We are currently seeking Pre-Apprenticeship status from DWD and will share additional information in upcoming newsletters on how this can be implemented by contractors.