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Buchko & Other Women in Construction Honored by Daily Reporter

On Thursday, nearly 230 construction professionals attended The Daily Reporter’s inaugural Women in the Construction event at Marcus Performing Arts Center in downtown Milwaukee. The event was meant not only to honor women’s accomplishments in the industry but to encourage more women to consider construction as a career option

Source: Daily Reporter honors Women in Construction

Boxes lead Buchko to think outside the box

CBG redoubles efforts to root out misclassification

If drywall and flooring could talk, it’d probably have a dark story to tell about Wisconsin’s ongoing construction boom. Behind projects big and small, say people close to the industry, there thrives an underground economy made up of contractors who cheat their workers out of wages and benefits to deliver projects on time and under budget.



Veterans in the Skilled Trades Workforce

Last month, Mindy Mulryan, workforce development/project specialist with Construction Business Group, attended the Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce event hosted by Entercom in Hales Corner. The panel topic was ‘Veterans in the Skilled Trades Workforce’.  Panelists shared information on how they assist in transitioning veterans from military life to civilian work; how they connect with businesses that want to hire veterans; and how the union trades can offer the familiarity of teamwork, family and unity that they were a part of when in the military. Many of the panelists, veterans themselves, were able to speak from personal experiences and share stories of how the GI bill can be used with the apprenticeship program.  It was also shared that some technical colleges are able to provide credit for military service, technical colleges that are also connected with the apprenticeship programs.


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